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As of my last update in September 2021, document-sharing sites have been widely used to share and distribute various types of documents, such as presentations, reports, whitepapers, and PDFs. These platforms provide an excellent opportunity to reach a broader audience and increase the visibility of your content. However, the popularity and availability of document-sharing sites may change over time, so it's essential to verify their current status. Here is a list of popular document-sharing sites:

1. SlideShare ( SlideShare is one of the most widely used document-sharing platforms, especially for presentations. It allows users to upload and share slides in various formats, making it a great choice for businesses, educators, and professionals.

2. Issuu ( Issuu is a digital publishing platform that allows users to share magazines, catalogs, and other publications in a flipbook-style format. It has a vast and diverse user base, making it an excellent platform for reaching a wide audience.

3. Scribd ( Scribd is a digital library that hosts millions of books, audiobooks, and documents. It offers a platform for users to upload and share their documents with others.

4. Google Drive ( While primarily a cloud storage service, Google Drive also provides document sharing capabilities. Users can share files and folders with specific individuals or make them public.

5. Dropbox ( Dropbox is another popular cloud storage and file-sharing service that allows users to share documents with others, even if they don't have a Dropbox account.

6. MediaFire ( MediaFire is a file hosting and sharing platform that allows users to share documents, images, and other files with a simple link.

7. 4shared ( 4shared is a file hosting and sharing service where users can upload and share various types of documents.

8. Box ( Box is a cloud content management and file-sharing platform that is popular among businesses for securely sharing documents and collaborating on projects.

9. Zoho Docs ( Zoho Docs is a part of the Zoho suite of applications and offers cloud-based document storage and sharing for individuals and businesses.

10. OneDrive ( OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud storage and file-sharing service, allowing users to share documents and collaborate in real-time.

11. Calameo ( Calameo is a digital publishing platform that allows users to create and share interactive documents, including magazines and catalogs.

12. Edocr ( Edocr is a platform specifically designed for sharing professional documents, such as whitepapers, case studies, and reports.

Please note that the availability and features of these platforms may have changed since my last update. Always check the websites to ensure they meet your specific requirements and comply with their terms of service before using them to share your documents.